Just wanted to drop in and say cheers to all the punters and metal fans that made 2022 a really cool year for us. We landed Mick the drummer at the end of 2021 and started jamming seriously at the start of the year. Mick stepped in like a champ and we managed to get an 8 song set done for a party gig called “Mansland” a few short months later. That was cool effort.

Further into the year we’ve been writing new songs and have 3 new songs worked into the set for a total of 10 songs now and by all your accounts we’re sounding better than ever! There’s a lot of new material coming up as well so stay tuned for that and make sure you turn up to a show to see what we’re doing these days!

Next year will also bring with it some bigger shows, the first of which is the “Canberra Metal Fest” which we’ll be playing on the Saturday with the feature bands being Australian legends Pyschroptic and Misery. There’s also talk of a video clip recording and some interstate touring which we’ll spill the details on later on!

Once again, Cheers and Beers to you all and see you in the new year!

Remember to keep checking back periodically on on a regular basis!